There’s Nothing Savage About The Sound of Savages

Hello and welcome to the latest review in my ongoing album review segment. You have chosen to read this article because you are interested to see exactly what I think of the new Breathe Carolina album. However, if this is not the case and you have somehow come across this page by mistake, then I will suggest that you promptly close this window. Are you gone yet?…. Good! Now that we’ve finally gotten rid of that jackass, we can continue on to the review of this album.

Bang It Out (feat Karmin) [Track 2]:

This song is very… interesting. Its beat is what draws you in at first, and then just when they’ve got you, they unleash a relentless stream of random and confusing lyrics. Depending on your opinion of Karmin, her involvement with this track may be a good or bad thing. However, regardless of your views on her, it is undeniable that her part in this song is damn near pointless. Besides delivering two quick lines in the chorus (one of which isn’t even in English), her only other part is a drawn out 15 seconds located near the end of the track. You would generally think that the non-English line of the song would be the most confusing part to someone who only speaks English (like me), but that line actually makes just as much sense to me as any of the other parts within the song.

Shots Fired [Track 4]:

If you know anything about Breathe Carolina (which I’m sure you don’t), then you will know that slow songs aren’t exactly their forte. This song is the exception to that rule, and it provides a nice break from what otherwise sounds like an Ultimate Dance Party album. This song’s lyrics at least make some sort of sense, and the nice steady beat that accompanies them isn’t too bad either. It kills me that I can’t say anything bad about this song, but I have to admit that it is actually a pretty decent track.

Shadows [Track 7]:

The first 3 seconds of this song makes me question the sanity of the artist that chose to include it on the album. It sounds like one of the most fucked up laughs I have ever heard in my life (even worse than Seth Rogan’s). If you’re anything like me, then you were thinking something like “well they’ll probably redeem themselves from that horrible beginning”, but they never do! The majority of the song sounds like any other generic electronic-dance song, and the only part that’s even somewhat interesting is the chorus which provides some simple and catchy lyrics. It started off horrible and ended only slightly better… congratulations Breathe Carolina… it’s a shitty song!

I Don’t Know What I’m Doing [Track 10]:

Well, the name perfectly explains everything that you need to know about whoever made this song, cause they definitely have no fucking idea what they are doing! It’s lyrics make no sense, it’s beat is all over the place, and its tempo is just fucked up. I could honestly do an entire rant just on this song, but instead, I’ll pick the most major flaw, which is the fucked up lyrics in the song. A prime example of this is the line “I don’t know what I’m doing, but I know how to do it”. How the fuck does that make sense?! In what universe could someone possibly not know what they are doing, and yet somehow know how to do this mysterious activity that cannot be explained? Whoever made this definitely needs to get their shit together!


Well, it’s not really anything to write home about, but I also didn’t feel like ripping my ears off upon listening to this album. Therefore, I can’t say it’s complete crap (no matter how much I want to). I give this album 3.5 out of 5 shots fired.

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