There’s Nothing Bad About These Consequences

Well, you guys spoke up (I don’t know what about since I don’t actually listen to you guys, but I’ll assume it was that you liked my review of the Bubblegum And Cigarettes song and video) so here’s another taste of the same thing. This time I’m stepping back from the lighthearted and upbeat pop and diving headfirst into the sound of the intense heartbreak of a 21-year-old girl. So get ready to grab those tissues (not like that you fucking animals). Here’s my review of Camila Cabello’s new song and video Consequences [Orchestra].


Once again let’s start with the song. After a few seconds, I’m already more invested in this song than the aforementioned Andie Case disaster. Rather than an annoying electronic beat, I’m greeted with the smooth sounds of a piano. Then Camila’s sweet and innocent sounding voice comes in and completely cuts through my wall of sarcasm and judgement (it’s a new and uncomfortable feeling, but I embrace it anyway).

In the past, I’ve criticized some female vocalists for trying to hit higher notes than they’re capable of and coming off as whiny and cracking. This song features some occasions of this, however, the difference here is that Camila has chosen to do it in a very emotionally charged song which adds to the visual of her being deeply hurt while singing, not to mention she is widely known for her little squeak in her vocals.


When it comes to the video, I honestly have no complaints (you have no idea how much it hurts to admit this). The video features Camila walking alone through a park on a visually stunning fall day. Then a phantom image of her and her ex-lover, played by Dylan Sprouse (where are all my 90’s kids who grew up watching The Suite Life of Zack & Cody?) appears and she heartlessly walks through the images destroying them as she goes. The season then changes to winter, and the phantom images begin to get more sad (that fucking symbolism though…). At one point there is a weird La La Land moment where Camila and Dylan’s phantom embrace and float up into the sky, but once that nonsense is over the phantom disappears and it’s suddenly spring.

All-in-all the video is a little cheesy, but the song is spectacular enough to carry the video on its back. I’m sure if I had a heart I’d be tearing up, and for that, I’m giving the song and video 4.5 out of 5 consequences.

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