Adam Sandler: A Fallen King Of Comedy

Adam Sandler’s new Netflix special 100% Fresh is available now and honestly it’s exactly as good (or I guess “as bad” would be more accurate) as you’d expect. With the extremely poor performance of his last few Netflix movies, it had many people questioning whether this comedic legend, who once made us laugh until we couldn’t breath, had lost his touch.


After watching (or more precisely, suffering through) 100% Fresh, I can confirm that the once hysterical Sandler is completely gone. His new special is filled with the standard things you’d expect from Sandler, including weird noises and bad imitations. The only thing that’s missing is good quality jokes.

Half of the special is songs which fall short of being funny and just come off as overly childish and ridiculous. Some of the song topics include smelly uber drivers, dead grandmas, and candy. So to say the least, not intellectually stimulating stuff like that of other Netflix comedy stars such as Daniel Sloss or Hannah Gadsby.



That’s not to say that all of the songs fail to be funny. Several of them are actually pretty good, such as “we need a hero” which tells hilarious short stories and “phone, wallet, keys” which in addition to being funny is also really catchy. In fact, the songs are probably the best part of the special. When Sandler takes a break between songs to tell standard jokes, they generally tend to be really anything but funny.

There’s a part of the special where Sandler mentions that he’s 51 now, but you wouldn’t know it based on his joke content. It’s extremely immature to the point that if you closed your eyes you’d likely think it was a set by a 20-something year old comedian.


If you manage to make it near the end of the special there is a little treat where Sandler plays a song about the comedic genius that was Chris Farley. This part is really heartfelt and uses tons of pictures and video clips from Farley’s short but legendary showreel.  I have to show some respect for a man who takes time out of his first big special in many years to say so much praise about another comedian. Especially when that comedian is Chris Farley.

But let’s be honest, no matter what I say about Sandler’s special there will always be the diehard fans who support him anyways. The special itself used clips of several different shows Sandler did while on his comedy tour, each of which seemed to be filled up. Including one of the shows having Nate Hartley from Drillbit Taylor and The Goldbergs in attendance. So with that I’d wrap it up by saying if you enjoyed the last few movies Sandler has done then you’ll probably like the special, and if not then I’d stay away from 100% Fresh.

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