Psalms Delivers A Heavenly Sound

Well, Hollywood Undead has once again risen from their graves, after taking only a short break since their last studio album Five which was released just over a year ago. This time they’re out for blood, with their new EP titled Psalms. Despite the name, this new music is anything but holy, which shouldn’t be surprising to any Hollywood Undead fans. Through the five tracks on the EP, the band goes over a wide range of musical styles, all of which will be discussed in this thorough (if not mildly entertaining) review.


Track 1: Bloody Nose

The first track starts off with some upbeat but haunting instrumentals and then leads into the classic vocals of Charlie Scene. The majority of the song is a good easy listening track with very little of the aggression typically found in Hollywood Undead songs. Until we get to the bridge and outro when suddenly the screaming vocals come into play. Because can you honestly call it a Hollywood Undead song without some angry screaming rap vocals thrown in there?

Track 2: Live Fast Die Young

This next track is by all accounts a much softer sound than we’re typically used to from this band. This song is very Danny heavy, so if you’re a fan of his Breathe Carolina-style vocals then you’ll probably be a big fan of this one. Not much more to say here, it’s a very “good, but not great” song. The lyrics are good, the instrumentals are good, and the vocals are good.

Track 3: Something To Believe

This one also seems to try to be a somewhat lighter song, but this time they’ve amped up the beat and brought down the quality. I guess they used up their Danny quota for the album because unlike its predecessor, this track features very little of his smooth vocals. Instead they replace it with some shitty spoken word bits talking about something that I’m assuming is supposed to be motivating or uplifting, but instead, has me reaching for the “next track” button.


Track 4: Another Level

Here is the Hollywood Undead sound that we’re used to! Loud, angry, upbeat, and ready to be rated #1 among people who have been featured in an episode of COPS. It briefly turns into testosterone and Red Bull-infused rave during the chorus, and honestly, I have no idea why as it doesn’t really match the rest of the song. It might sound like I’m ripping on the song, but I actually find it is one of my guilty pleasure tracks.

Track 5: Gotta Let Go

This track is the only one from this EP to feature a music video with it (so far), so I’ll make a few comments on the video after I critique the song. This one is perfect if you fucking hate Danny and love the slow and bubbly sound that absolutely NO ONE expects from Hollywood Undead. I don’t want to be the person who tries to typecast Hollywood Undead, but honestly, no one is asking for them to make this kind of music. And that’s for a very good reason… they suck at it. There’s just very little redeemable qualities in this song, and unfortunately, the video isn’t any better. It features the band members without their masks on (again, something NO ONE asked for! The masks are iconic, and it may sound harsh but no one wants to see your actual faces) and the horribly depressing delusions of an old man who ends up dying in the end. So you know, a good fun time for everyone.

Overall, this EP can be summed up by the description of the second track, it’s good but not great. But since Notes From The Underground, that’s kind of the wave the band has been riding, so it’s not surprising that the EP fits that level of quality. I give it 3 out of 5 Psalms.

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