This Terminal Is Out Of Order

This week’s round of endlessly scrolling through Netflix looking for something decent that I haven’t seen yet has brought quite an unusual film to the foreground. It’s a 2018 mystery-thriller titled Terminal, and I was quite surprised to find that I had never heard of it. Not only is it from this year, but it’s a big budget movie that features some impressive cast members. Included in this film’s group of odd characters is Margot Robbie, Simon Pegg, and Mike Myers.

Terminal Margot Robbie as Annie CR: RLJE Films

To try and fully describe the movie is a pointless effort, as it crosses into so many different kinds of unusual that the only way to full understand it is to watch it. And even then you’ll likely come away thinking “what the fuck did I just watch?” However, I’ll do my best here to explain the premise of the film (without spoilers, don’t worry). The picture revolves around a mysterious man named Mr. Franklin and several people who are interested in working for him. Oh and they’re all murderers…

Margot Robbie plays a cunning, resourceful, and undoubtedly psychotic woman who is interested in becoming Mr. Franklin’s go-to hitman (or should I say hitwoman? Seriously, should I? I have no idea…) and is more than willing to take out the competition.

Dexter Fletcher and Max Irons play a two man hitman team who get recruited by Mr. Franklin to kill someone, but the case is cloaked in secrecy and they may not like what they find once the metaphorical fog clears.

Terminal4 Terminal3

Simon Pegg plays a dying English teacher who deals with his encounters with such unusual characters by speaking almost entirely in sarcasm and wit.

Mike Myers plays a crippled janitor, or night supervisor as he will eagerly correct you about, who enjoys being creepy and speaking in humorous codes.

The cinematography is phenomenal and has a very Sin City feel to it, with colour contrasts and camera angles that are very visually interesting. But even better than the cinematography is the dialog. The lines said between Vince and Alfred, as well as between Annie and Bill, are cleverly written and often very funny. The dialog and interactions between characters (especially that of Vince and Alfred) is reminiscent of In Bruges, and not just because they’re both films about hitmen.


In order to avoid going into spoilers, the critique of the plot will be purposely vague, but I’ll still attempt to give a clear picture of what to expect. Once you reach the end of the film, there’s a feeling that the journey was better than the destination. Watching the first 2/3 of the movie is enjoyable because it’s experiencing good dialog and stunning visuals while the plot attempts to put the pieces together. However in the last 20 minutes or so of the film, it feels like the plot is rushed to a half-assed ending that is trying harder to tie up loose ends rather than create an intriguing and solid storyline. I find that most characters are just placed into this film with no adequate, or at least believable (which is saying something in a film about a several hitmen all attempting to kill each other), explanation behind them or their motives.


Overall, this film is an enjoyable way to kill a couple hours, but don’t expect it to blow your mind. If you can, just try to sit back and enjoy the film at a surface level rather than trying to pick it apart because it won’t hold up very well under scrutiny. At the very least you get to see three major movie stars interacting with each other, and for my male readers you get to see Margot Robbie perform as a stripper. So that’s something at least. I give this film 3 out of 5 Terminals.

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