The Kominsky Method Is My Method Of Choice

A comedy series starring two elderly men going through the trials and tribulations of aging. Sounds like fun right? Well surprisingly it is! The Kominsky Method is the newest creation from Chuck Lorre, but don’t let that scare you off. It’s like the first half of Two and a Half Men as opposed to the Ashton Kutcher catastrophe. 

Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin give phenomenal performances as the lead characters Sandy and Norman. They play famous, but past their prime, key players in the acting industry. The ensemble cast is filled with a lot of great stars including Sarah Baker (The Campaign, Brooklyn Nine Nine), Danny Devito, and Emily Osment (Hannah Montana).

Sandy is a washed up acting coach who used to work with superstar actors, and now teaches an amateur acting class. His image is everything to him, and he juggles his want for love and attention with his desire to keep people at arms length emotionally. In fact, Sandy’s daughter is the closest person in his life and even their relationship is somewhat estranged. His acting class is a source of some of the funniest scenes in this show, with a lot of the monologues from his students being outrageous and therefore outrageously funny. 

Norman is the head of an acting agency who is old friends with Sandy. He is much more in touch with his emotional side than Sandy. Norman has a dying wife who is the love of his life, and a daughter who he has all but disowned. His wit and great one-liners are some of the best parts, think Larry David only older and more hatred for humanity (yes it’s really possible).

There isn’t any slapstick comedy here, and almost all of the humour is derived from the dialogue, which means you’ll actually have to put down the phone and pay attention to the show (heaven fucking forbid huh?) But once you start watching you should find yourself immediately drawn in. You don’t have to be old to enjoy the timeless humour that this fantastic show provides. I give this show 4.5 out of 5 methods.

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