Andie Case and her girlfriend

TUCKER TALKS: Mysterious Edition

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Well here we are yet again with another Andie Case song. But good news, this time it’s not a completely awful song! Is it destined for a Billboard Hot 100 slot? Fuck no. But I actually found myself singing along to the chorus by the end of the track, which is about as much praise as I’ve been able to give Andie over the last few months. So without further ado, here’s my breakdown of Andie Case’s new single and corresponding music video titled Mysterious.

Andie Case

The little guitar riff that starts off the song brought a smile to my face, because in that first 5 seconds I could already tell it was going to be 10 times better than her previous single Bubblegum and Cigarettes. Sure enough I was right (as always).

The vocals are a consistent low-level range where Andie sounds by far the best and can convey power behind each word unlike when she does her cracking falsetto that we sometimes see in other songs. But let’s talk about the lyrics for a second, because I’m convinced that Andie doesn’t know how to write a decent bridge. Unfortunately she hasn’t gotten any more clever with her sexual innuendos and still resorts to blatantly obvious and awful lines such as:

“Girl don’t you miss me? Won’t you come come come come on kiss me? I’m saying girl you’re gonna miss me. I’ll make you cum cum cum when you’re with me.”

So ya… that’s still a thing.

Andie Case and her girlfriend

Now the video is very random and less than mediocre. It involves quick cuts between scenes of Andie of her female love interest developing their relationship over time and scenes of Andie dancing alone in a shower while wearing a white t-shirt. Why is she randomly pressed up against a shower in a white t-shirt? Shhhhh don’t ask questions! 

The scenes and transitions are overlaid with hand drawn animated graphics of hearts, squiggly lines, and other juvenile effects. The video ends a millisecond before the two girls are about to kiss for the first time in the video, because of course it does.

With this song Andie has made her may back into my good books (for now). Overall, I give this song and video 4 out of 5 mysteries.


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