You Couldn’t Pay Me To Rewatch Re:Birth

It’s been a while, but Russell Brand is back at it! The British comedian/actor/singer/eccentric recently released his new Netflix stand-up special called Re:Birth

The entire hour is spent with him in typical Russell fashion, bouncing off the walls and sounding like he’s constantly reciting Eminem’s Rap God. As someone who isn’t generally a fan of hyper comedians, this style turned me a bit off from the entire thing. 

Throughout the special many topics get brought up including the birth of his daughter, clips from some of his past interviews, and of course his views on society in general. I would say that in general there’s only about 1 good joke for every 3 or 4 minutes of material. Do the math… that’s only 15-20 good jokes throughout the entire special. Not a great batting average.

A lot of the time is spent with Russell bringing up a topic, starting a rant about that topic, and then 6 minutes and a lot of crazy bullshit analogies later a joke or two. His messages are supposed to be deep and meaningful, but more often than not they come off as the thoughts of a delusional man who uses big words and complex phrases to try and make vague confusing points.

I’m fine with having seen the special once at it did provide me with a few good laughs, but I definitely won’t be watching it again anytime soon. Or ever. Overall, I give this standup special 2.5 out of 5 rebirths.

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  1. I am generally a fan of Brand because his comedy has a lot of informative bits in it and I genuinely believe he is a very intelligent person, that along with including some silly and at times raunchy humor I have always given him a shot. However, this special fell short of the type of comedy that I was expecting from him. While I did enjoy the parts where he criticized his ‘journalistic’ questioning methods, I found that it would have served better to categorize this as more of a TED Talk type of informative piece (that albeit included some humorous moments) rather than categorizing it as a “Comedy special.”

    While I understand that he has multiple platforms from which to speak from, I think that it would have better served him to create more of a separation between his informative speeches and his comedy.



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