Us Is Sure Entertaining Us

Anyone who knows me knows that I fucking love Jordan Peele. This man has to be one of the greatest writers of the 21st century. From his comedy days on MADtv, to his extremely successful Key and Peele skit show, and his dive into the horror genre with the blockbuster hit Get Out, Peele honestly doesn’t seem to know how to write a bad show. So when Peele dropped the trailer for his new horror film yesterday, I was more than a bit excited.

His second attempt at horror brings us this new movie titled Us. So far all we have is a two and a half minute trailer and really short snippets of plot description, and already this movie is becoming the latest obsession of the internet community. As previously mentioned, Us is riding the coattails of Get Out, but as someone who has watched this trailer almost a dozen times now I can honestly say that I think it would be on people’s radar even without Peele’s name attached to it.

The basic premise of the movie is that a family of a mother, father, daughter, and son goes on vacation together to a beach town. While there a group of four strangers shows up in their driveway mysteriously wearing costumes. The dad exits the house confronting the strangers who happen to be just creepily standing in their driveway, and that’s when all hell breaks loose. The strangers rush the house and try to kill the family. After some quick cuts of people running and screaming and doing other classic horror reactions, it is revealed that the four strangers are identical looking to the family. That’s essentially where we are left as the family fights to kill their doppelgangers.

Of course it hasn’t taken long for waves of fan theories to pour in. Some of them link some importance to the song that plays throughout the trailer which is a song called I Got 5 On It by Luniz. While I’m not necessarily ruling this out, I don’t think at this point that the song has anything to do with the plot. When people point to the song they often focus on the fact that there’s only four family members which suggests a possible fifth, but that would only make sense to me if the family was the only one with clones, but the trailer seems to suggest that everyone in the town has a twin that is trying to kill them.

I’d also like to take this time to point out that the dad’s speech to the creepy people standing in front of his house was extremely Peele-esque. The emphasis he put on the “we can get crazy” was exactly how Peele would deliver the line, and he even somewhat looks like Peele which I think was entirely intentional. My guess is that unlike in Get Out, Peele actually wrote this script with a much closer relation to his own life and modelled the main character after himself.

My guess is that the facility that is shown with the stack of rabbits in cages is the centre of all this weirdness. I’ll be the first to admit that I honestly have no idea what this plot is about. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t have a crazy (and probably wildly wrong) theory to throw out there.

Let’s start with a couple of things that appear to have an obvious important in the film. So there are clones of everyone in town, the rabbits are important, and the presence of scissors are important since every one of the evil clones seems to be equipped with a pair.

This leads me to think that the premise of the film is that a group of scientists has discreetly gathered the DNA of the people who visit this vacation town over the past couple years. They then take this DNA and use it to make clones of these people, which they then use as test subjects to perform inhumane experiments on people without consequences. These clones have someone escaped and are now seeking revenge on anyone they find or trying to take the identity of these people who they are clones of so that they can live their lives.

Am I wrong? Probably. But that’s a good thing, because the good sign of any suspense movie is that no one should be able to guess the plot based off of the trailer. Needless to say this trailer looks very interesting and I am definitely looking forward to the March release of Us. I give this trailer 4 out of 5 Us.

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