Bring Me The Horizon Brings Gold With Amo

It’s been a while since I’ve done a review of something music-related, but honestly that’s because nothing that interesting has come out in the last month and a half (all of December is basically a throwaway month for music because it’s all Christmas music bullshit). However, now I finally have something I care about that I can review. A couple of days ago British rock band Bring Me The Horizon released their sixth studio album titled amo (yes all lowercase like that).

Before I get into critiquing the musical component of some of the album’s songs, I would just like to mention a big pet peeve that I have with this album. They have every single word in the titles of the songs all lowercase, which looks super awkward to me, and then (I’m pretty sure just to fuck with me) they randomly decide to have the song MANTRA all in capital letters, which is just as bad! So fuck them for doing that, but anyways here we go onto the music now.

Track 3: nihilist blues (feat. Grimes)

For the first time in the history of this site, I would like to admit that I might have been wrong about something I’ve said. Earlier in this article, I referred to Bring Me The Horizon as a rock band, but anyone who listens to this song would agree that this track doesn’t resemble anything even sounding remotely like rock. This weird low-energy techno tune includes some good smooth vocals from both Oliver Sykes and Grimes. The truth is that if you didn’t know who this song was by then you would likely think it was actually a pretty good song. However, knowing that it’s supposed to be coming from the heavy sounding Bring Me The Horizon makes it seem a little off. I should also quickly mention that it’s possible that I just don’t have a deep enough intellect to get the lyrics in this song, but I’ve listened to it dozens of times and still have no idea what the fuck they are singing about.

Track 5: wonderful life (feat. Dani Filth)

Now, this is more like it! The heavy rock sound that you expect from Bring Me The Horizon is back with a vengeance in this great track. The sharp screams that lead you into each chorus make a nice pairing with the smooth vocals with a scratchy undertone that fill the rest of the song. There is really not much more to say about this track. The instrumentals are really good and include nice transitions, the vocals provided by both Bring Me The Horizon and Dani Filth (lead singer of Cradle of Filth) are nice and fit the style of the song, and it’s just all around a good track.

Track 8: sugar honey ice & tea

Even the intro which is about 10 seconds of distorted guitar and haunting keyboard (yes I know that’s a really weird description, but you listen to it and try to tell me that isn’t exactly how it sounds) already had me hooked, and that is objectively one of the worst parts of the entire song. The rest of the song features a steady heavy sound with a really catchy riff during the chorus. Since I’m a bigger fan of Oliver Sykes’ smooth vocals, this song is perfect because that’s basically all it’s filled with except for a few backing vocals towards the end of the track. The only weird part of this track is the one transition line where I guess they just ran out of vocals because it’s literally just him singing “la la la” for an entire line, which in a rock song is definitely out of place.

Track 10: fresh bruises

What. The. Fuck? That’s really all I have to say about this track. It’s similar to nihilist blues in that it has a techno sound to it, but unlike nihilist blues, this track is not a good or catchy techno sound. It’s just fucking weird. There are only two lines in the entire song which are sung through a strange male robotic voice and repeated over and over again at different intervals. Everything about this sound is incredibly bad and weird and definitely does not belong on a Bring Me The Horizon album.

Track 12: heavy metal (feat. Rahzel)

I’m not sure how I feel about this song, because while it is extremely catchy and a well-done track, the lyrics are also meant to put me in my place. The song is essentially about how people critique Bring Me The Horizon for trying to branch out from their original heavy metal sound. But I will point out that I have no issue with them wanting to explore new sounds (I actually encourage it), I’m just a little surprised with how far they’ve branched out. But as nihilist blues has shown us, you can still be good even when you no longer sound like how you once did. But anyway, back to the music. It’s another classicly great song by this band with flawless instrumentals and vocals (mostly smooth once again), so nothing to complain about here (which is unfortunate, because that’s where I get to come up with most of my jokes).

Overall, this album has definitely strayed from what many people expect to hear from Bring Me The Horizon but they managed to do a pretty good job with it and I give the album 4 out of 5 loves (which is what amo means in case you were wondering).

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