Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias Truly Is The King Of Mexicans

Another Netflix comedy original special has graced our presence and this time it comes to us from someone who hasn’t been on a standup special in 6 years now. Our favourite fat (my apologies, I mean fluffy) comedian, Gabriel Iglesias comes on stage to tell a new round of jokes (and some old ones, but we’ll get to that later) in his new special One Show Fits All.

The show discusses a wide range of topics which includes the likes of Snoop Dogg, Vicente Fernandez, and of course it wouldn’t be a Fluffy special without his son Frankie being mentioned a few times. You can also obviously expect a fair amount of silly voices and excellent sound effects as well since this has been the longtime comedian’s established style since before his first special even aired.

The show starts out with some specific content that really only relates to Houston (the place where the special was filmed), which he addresses and justifies by saying that he cares more about catering to the audience that is watching him live rather than the future Netflix audience.

From there he moves into some stories about his son Frankie, who is apparently 19 now, which seems crazy if you’ve been hearing about Frankie’s childhood through the special for the last decade like I have (a.k.a. fuck me, I feel old). One of the particular stories about Frankie that is mentioned is about Fluffy catching him watching porn, and this joke and the next couple proceeding it are basically guaranteed to have you gasping for breath in between laughs. Keep in mind that we’re only about 15 minutes into an hour and a half special so far, and it gets even better.

The next big section of the show is about him being interviewed by Snoop Dogg for a show he hosts called GGN (I can’t be the only person who had no fucking idea that this existed). Honestly, this section is filled with mediocre jokes that might make you chuckle a few times, but nothing spectacular stands out. Although the reenactment of Fluffy coughing when he smoked the joint offered to him by Snoop Dogg was pretty damn funny. Besides that, the hardest I laughed during this section was when Fluffy said that Snoop Dogg had “at least 5 inches on him” (referring to his height) a middle-aged woman in the front row lost her mind laughing at it to the point where Fluffy had to humorously address it.

After that, we get to the part of the show where he discusses sneaking backstage to meet Chris Rock. It is here that we are treated to a surprisingly phenomenal impersonation of Chris Rock, and this section is where we are introduced to the line “the king of the Mexicans” and I’ll be damned if this didn’t have me laughing my ass off.

Unfortunately, after this we arrive at another very subpar area of the show where he discusses meeting his most intensive fan ever. The jokes aren’t likely to get much of a reaction from you, because frankly, they’re not that good.

Now I wish I could give you guys some good news and tell you that it gets great again after this, but it really doesn’t. The show just kind of seems to coast on a more narrative-based wave in the second half of the special that delivers fewer jokes, and the jokes that it does provide are largely not that great. There is one exception to this though, which is the Australian airport security bit which had me laughing almost to the point of hysterics.

One of the last sections of the show has Fluffy addressing the fact that his first two fans from way back when he was just starting comedy are in the audience tonight. In a sort of homage to them and his comedic roots, he decides to tell jokes that were at the beginning of his first special as the way to end this special. Trying to retell these now iconic jokes is an idea that seems good in theory but in reality just kind of comes off as lazy and it becomes incredibly tough when the audience repeatedly says the lines to the jokes at the same time that Fluffy does, to the point where he has to stop mid-joke numerous times.

After all of this, the special ends and a message pops up saying some pretty hilarious stuff which I won’t give away here because it would spoil some of the jokes and not even make sense anyways without the proper backstory.

Overall, this comedy special was pretty damn good. While the second half definitely paled in comparison to the first half, it was still at the level of “just fine” or higher throughout the entire thing, which is much more than you can expect from a lot of other comedy specials lately. I give this show 4 out of 5 Fluffies.

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