Weezer Is Back In Black… Album

Holy shit it feels good to be back! I missed you guys, and while I can’t hear your response I’m sure it’s something like “we missed you so much that we all cried ourselves to sleep every night that you didn’t post a new article!” I know, I know. Shhhh, it’s all ok now.

Whereas I was taking an unplanned and unwanted hiatus, Weezer was apparently doing nothing but hookers and blow as they’ve just released their second album in only a two month period. I mean, the first one was a cover album (and not a great one at that) so it didn’t really count, but still. They’re officially back with the Black Album and this time it has some original content. So enough build up, let’s get into this.

Track 1: Can’t Knock the Hustle

The first time that I listened to this song, I found myself unsure of how to feel from the weird mix of lyrics and almost funky sounding baseline that plays throughout the track. However, by the end of it, I was actually starting to get into it. So I went back and listened to it again, and you know what? It’s now my favourite song on this entire album. So I implore you to give it a couple chances to win over your heart before dismissing this slightly unusual song.

And by far the best way to listen to this song is by watching the official music video for it. It features Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy), Krispyshorts (co-founder of Jerry Media), and Daniel Rigby (Black Mirror) and is absolutely fucking hilarious. An absolute 5/5 video (and you know how rarely I ever give perfect scores for anything).

Track 3: High As a Kite

Well, it started off so good, but now we’re already starting to go off the rails. Once again, the video is pretty good, but unlike Can’t Knock the Hustle, this track just doesn’t match up to the quality. It’s not inherently bad, just boring. The video evens somewhat plays off of this by showing the bad members being bored playing it until they reach the bridge, but here’s the thing… it’s still a boring song even after the bridge. They try to amp it up by making the guitar and drums heavier and picking the tempo up a bit, but it still leaves me here saying “meh”.

Track 6: I’m Just Being Honest

I’m torn with this song because overall it’s very average. But the lyrics are great and I know that every fuck boi (I died a little inside just typing that) on the planet will be using them as their shield to try and defend themselves against the douchebag things that they say. And I just find that hilarious. But ya the song is fine, but not great, which is kind of the sweet spot that Weezer seems to love to live in.

Track 8: The Prince Who Wanted Everything

Once again, Weezer has made a song that makes me initially ask what the fuck I am listening to, and then by the end of it, I’m starting to like it. This weird The Beach Boys-sounding fairytale story has a weird childish and simple sound that I don’t think would work if it weren’t the excellent instrumentals. The guitar riff hooked me just enough to keep me listening and I’m glad it did because it turned out to be a pretty good song. Weird, but still good.

Track 10: California Snow

So let’s start off by asking, what the fuck is that annoying electric sound that repeatedly plays through about 2/3 of the song? And who the fuck told them that it was a good idea to include something that sounds like the first second of the sound that Pacman plays when he dies repeated over and over again? I want to try and like the song because the chorus is actually pretty good, but I just can’t past that sound equivalent of ear cancer that is annoyingly inserted into the majority of the song.

Overall, the album is actually not bad. Honestly, I stopped expecting much from Weezer over the last few years, but they managed to turn it around and produce a pretty decent album here. I give this album 3 out of 5 Black Albums.

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