This Won’t Be The Last Time I Listen To Our Last Night

Let’s go back to the YouTube well once again. But this time it isn’t Andie Case that we’re examining, it’s the rock group called Our Last Night. Although Our Last Night and Andie Case actually have done a song together, their sounds couldn’t be any further apart (think I Prevail compared to Katy Perry).

This time, the heavy rock group has brought us their new 8 track album entitled Let Light Overcome. At first glance, it might seem random that they chose to name the album this. However, in the fourth track The Darkness they repeat the phrase “let light overcome the darkness” over and over again. But let’s look past the name for now and trudge on towards the review of the music.

Track 1: Demons

The album starts out with a bang, and what a bang it is. Rather than just shooting heavy guitar and drums straight into your ears, they build up the sound smoothly with a minimalist electronic beat. Then Trevor Wentworth’s smooth vocals kick in, followed by his brother Matt Wentworth’s vocals and some light guitar and drums at the pre-chorus. It isn’t until the actual chorus that the heavier sound we expect from then fully kicks in.

This is a nice touch rather than just shooting us straight into the depths of rock n roll from the first second of the album. The rest of the song is a good mix and heavy and smooth sounds. Overall, it’s a pretty good track and a great way to start off the album.

Track 2: The Leap

Unlike the first track, The Leap includes a much larger chunk of screaming vocals. This song has all the makings of a good track. It has a decent beat, good instrumentals, quality vocals, and sensible lyrics. Yet it leaves me kind of passively listening to it. It just doesn’t seem to have the spark that I’m looking for and comes off as a very plain song.

Track 3: Bury the Hatchet

Here we go, this is much more like it! Right off the bat I’m immediately more invested in this song than the previous track. They once again use a minimalist electronic beat to start off the track. However, unlike Demons, this time they go straight from the electronic beat into the heavy vocals and full-on rock sound. It still manages to work just as well though.

In a weird turn of events, the pre-chorus with Matt’s vocals manage to actually be even catchier than the chorus. Not that the chorus isn’t great, because it certainly is, but the pre-chorus just has a rhythm and smooth sound that shines brighter than any other part of the song. My only complaint of this song is that they don’t use that section of the song more often.

Track 4: The Darkness

Alright, what the fuck guys? I get what you were going for here, but just… no. As mentioned at the beginning of the review, The Darkness is an interlude that involves the band saying “let light overcome the darkness” repeatedly. It slowly builds louder and louder with a subtle beat behind it until it gets to the apex and sounds like the beat is just about to drop. And then there is a couple seconds of silence and the next track starts. I mean, the idea behind it was kind of cool but it really just seems unnecessary. You could have easily shortened this weird chanting intro and just made it the beginning to the next track. We really didn’t need a minute and a half of this.

Track 5: Castle in the Sky

I’ll just come out and say it, this track sound like a slowed down and heavier version of Emperor’s New Clothes by Panic! At The Disco. They didn’t steal it or anything cause there’s definitely significant differences but just the overall rhythm and sound is very reminiscent of that song. But in this case that’s a good thing, because I’m of the believe that Emperor’s New Clothes is a great Panic! At The Disco song. So it’s no surprise that I also give this song a pass (which is very high praise from me).

Track 6: Bleed for You

5 seconds. That’s all it took for this song to hook me. This is hands down one of the best tracks on the album. The exceptional smooth vocals, the beautiful transitions between the chorus and verses, and everything else about the track make this the star of the entire thing. I’m not sure why these guys have an obsession with castles, as this song mentions them alot too, but to each their own I guess.

Track 7: Soul Speak

I have a love/hate relationship with this song. I’m really not a fan of the vocals in this song as it just comes out sounding like it’s being awkwardly forced together. However, the instruments (particularly the guitar) are absolutely phenomenal on this track. So while I would love to just completely label this song as a write off, the great instrumentals are preventing me from doing that. But still, not a very good track.

Track 8: Every Time Our Earth Shakes

Once again, we’re faced with a song that is only as good as it is because of the instrumentals. The pre-chorus is absolutely phenomenal and is guaranteed to get you bobbing your head and tapping you foot (so preferably don’t listen to this track when driving your vehicle). But unlike Soul Speak, the vocals aren’t too bad in this song. So it’s a pretty strong track to finished to finish the album off with.

Overall, listening to this album was a bit like riding a roller coaster (minus the puke). And just like with real life roller coasters, I wasn’t sure what to think during it, but now that it’s over I find myself wanting to experience it again. I give this album 3.5 out of 5 Last Nights.

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