Amy Schumer’s Growing Is Not Growing On Me

It’s everyone’s favourite comedian to hate and this time she’s pregnant! Amy Schumer’s new comedy special has recently dropped on Netflix and is entitled Growing (a not at all subtle reference to her pregnancy). It’s basically everything that you expect to receive from an Amy Schumer special. But regardless, let’s go ahead and break it down.

She starts off the stand-up by diving into the topic of her pregnancy and getting photographed while pregnant. At one point we’re even treated to a look at her baby bump. This section of the show is littered with silly voices and vulgar references (so basically Schumer stand-up 101). While some might find them hilarious, I found them to be a little too forced and actually cross into the realm of ridiculous at some points.

From there, she transitions into her engagement story and some tales of her husband Chris Fischer. This part is actually pretty funny and Schumer uses the topic of her husband’s Autism-spectrum mental condition to tell some stories that are sure to have you laughing. She even brings up a visual aid of a painting that her husband made and holy crap is it ever funny.

Unfortunately, after this brief section of great humour, she transitions into a section of politically charged jokes centered around gender roles. Some of them are passable and are good for a few laughs, but most of them are forced and just not that funny.

Included in this story is the incidence of her getting arrested back on October 4, 2018. She was involved in a sit-in protest against Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing and recalled the tale of her protesting alongside Emily Ratajkowski. This was once again, not all that funny and just filled with ridiculous voices.

I will say that the special ends on a very strong note. Schumer does a bit about guys initiating sex and the roles of men and women during the doggystyle position. This is arguably one of the funniest parts of the entire special and is very reminiscent of early Schumer specials.

Overall, this comedy special was very on-par for what to expect from Amy Schumer. If you like her last couple of specials then you will probably enjoy this one too. However, for someone who enjoyed her original specials much more than her more recent ones, I found it to be subpar at best. I give this stand-up special 2.5 out of 5 baby bumps.

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