Carly Rae Jepsen’s Dedication Has Paid Off

Our favourite viral pop princess is back, and this time she’s a bit more decisive. Rather than maybe calling us, Carly Rae Jepsen has decided that she is dedicated to us with her brand new album entitled Dedicated.

The last four years have clearly been a busy time for Jepsen because now she’s back with a massive album containing 15 songs on it. And if you’ve read any of my recent reviews then you know that I like to cover every song on an album. So let’s stop wasting time and dive head first into this in depth look at Jepsen’s brand new album.

Track 1: Julien

I hope you’re in the mood for some funky beats because that is exactly what you get with this first track. The pulsing electronic beat gives way to the trademark soft bubbly vocals of Jepsen. Then the drums come in and you can’t help but find yourself bobbing along to the beat as Jepsen serenades you with some breathy but beautiful lyrics. The chimes that come in at the start of each chorus sound like what I imagine falling glitter from Tinker Bell sounds like and it honestly couldn’t be more on brand for someone like Jepsen. Is this the best song on the album? No. But it’s a pretty good way to start an album.

Track 2: No Drug Like Me

Why we’re treated for about 7 seconds of silence, I’ll never know. Once Jepsen finally decides to start the song, it is more than worth the wait. Most songs usually require a couple of listens before you really fall in love with it. However, with this song it was love at first sight. Or I guess love at first listen. But that doesn’t sound nearly as good, so we’ll stick with love at first sight. Absolutely phenomenal chorus that once again has that funky sound that you can’t help but dance to.

Track 3: Now That I Found You

This is only the second of three songs to have an official music video for it (so far) and honestly the video is a little weird but amusing and something that seems like Taylor Swift’s wet dream. From a song standpoint, it’s much more upbeat than the two previous songs. It’s lost some of that funk sound for more of a techno sound. In any other album it would be a pretty good song, but based on the standard that has been set by the first two songs, this one only comes off as being adequate.

Track 4: Want You In My Room

I’m not sure what happened here, but we’ve seem to have gone completely off the rails. It starts with a few seconds of weird musical talking vocals before it goes into some unusual verses and chorus that sound like a techno version of a Meatloaf song. The album started off so good, but this song is just too busy out “out there” sounding. Thank god it’s one of the shortest songs on the album.

Track 5: Everything He Needs

Well the beginning sounds like something Ross Geller would play on the keyboards, and as great of a scene as that was on Friends, it turns out it doesn’t translate so well in an actual song. The verses are good enough that they keep you listening, but then the chorus hits and the song just completely loses any chance of redemption.

Track 6: Happy Not Knowing

After 5 seconds into the song, I already feel confident that it’s going to be 10 times better than the previous track. Spoiler alert: I’m right (not really a spoiler if you’ve ready any of my previous articles though). Similar to the third track, the placement of it on the album plays a big part in how I perceive it. Had this song been placed immediately after the first two tracks, I wouldn’t have been very impressed with it. But since it comes after two weird and less-than-good (to put it delicately) songs, it’s actually pretty good.

Track 7: I’ll Be Your Girl

Well I hoped you enjoy that brief return to good songs, because we’ve swung back the other way now. I can’t really point to any single thing that makes this track not good. It’s several smaller issues that come together that make me just not like this track at all. The first thing is that during the verses, the music almost sounds like it’s not lined up where it should be with the vocals, so the whole thing just sounds off. There is also the issue of whatever the hell that cascading sound is that occurs in the chorus, which becomes extremely annoying by the end of the track.

Track 8: Too Much

This track is headed back in the right direction for sure, but we’re not quite fully there yet. The song is good throughout the entire thing, but never reaches the heights of being great. My only real criticism lies in the lyrics of the song. Ms. Jepsen, I’m interested in knowing what the hell “dancing too much” means. I’m picturing something from Napoleon Dynamite, which is awesome and by no means too much. Also, “love you too much” just means stalking. Don’t try to romanticize stalking, not cool.

Track 9: The Sound

We’ve slowed right down for this track and that’s probably for the best because that upbeat electric sound wasn’t leading us anywhere good. While this song still has an upbeat feel to it, the tempo has been slowed way down. I’m not sure whether the slow warbling sound during the chorus is great or awful, but it’s interesting for sure. But it’s a pretty good track, so I’m happy either way.

Track 10: Automatically In Love

This track starts out with a bang thanks to its slow but authoritative electric beat. The song is just unusual enough that it had me in the dark as to whether I liked it or not until the very end. But in the end, the fun upbeat sound of the chorus was enough to win me over. So I’m happy with the direction we’re once again headed in. But I’ve had my heart broken by an album before, so let’s wait and see how the rest of the album turns out.

Track 11: Feels Right (feat. Electric Guest)

This is the only song that features any additional artist, and on that note I’d like to address something right away. Electric Guest is one of the dumbest artist names I’ve ever heard and what I hate most about it is that I think it might be so stupid that it’s actually amazing. But now that I’ve addressed that, let’s get back to the song. Honestly, as much as I hate the featured band’s name, they’ve made a pretty fantastic song. There’s really not much to criticize here, it’s just a genuinely great song.

Track 12: Right Words Wrong Time

This track starts off on a good foot with a cute little slow guitar riff and some soft spoken vocals from Jepsen. I want to like this song so much because there is nothing inherently wrong with it, but it just leaves me shrugging my shoulders. While there is nothing awful about the song, there’s also not anything that is that impressive, resulting in a very mediocre song.

Track 13: Real Love

I feel like this is either a track that you love or you hate, there is no in between. At first I wasn’t sure about it because of the catchy alarm sound that takes over during the chorus. But after a couple of listens, I’ve decided that it’s actually pretty catchy and the rest of the song is good, so I love it I guess.

Track 14: For Sure

When 80 percent of a song consists of only two different lines, it’s bound to get annoying after a while. In this case, “a while” turned out to be by the end of the first chorus. Just a boring and repetitive song that has little-to-no redeeming qualities.

Track 15: Party For One

Fuck Shania Twain, Jepsen has scaled down that party for two and turned it into a party for one. This song has two different versions of a music video for it and an additional behind the scenes video. I will go ahead and warn you that the original music video fits in with the style of basically all of Jepsen’s music videos by being really random and weird. But aside from the music videos, the song is actually very catchy and is a strong note to end the album on. There is also several remixes of the song on Jepsen’s YouTube channel which you should make sure to check out. Among the three remixes, the Anki one is my personal favourite.

Overall, the album delivers an exceptional setlist with the vast majority of the tracks being what I would deem as adequate or better. With that being said, I give this album 4 out of 5 parties for one.

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