Adam DeVine’s “Best Time of Our Lives” Is One of the Worst Times of My Life

I feel like you either love him or hate him, but regardless of how you feel about him, Adam DeVine is once again gracing your Netflix screen. Only this time, it’s not in one of his many hilarious movies or tv roles. Instead, he has decided to embark on a full stand up special entitled Best Time of Our Lives.

For those of you who loved his somewhat stand up comedy run on Adam DeVine’s House Party, then you will probably love this. On the other hand, if you really didn’t like that show, then you’re in for a rough hour. For anyone who is in between or has never seen it, then keep reading to find out what this comedy special has in store for you.

The special starts with Adam walking into the venue using the main entrance (like the down to Earth and relatable guy that he is) even taking the time to high five the audience on his way to the stage. From there he launches into his stand up with the level of energy that is usually only reserved for crack addicts.

Throughout the entire special there are a few things that frequently pop up. One of these things is his habit of moving around wildly on stage while making ridiculous faces and strange (often annoying) sounds that are reminiscent of an Iliza Shlesinger performance. He also likes to say the word “stupid” after a lot of his jokes. Unfortunately, he is usually right and the jokes that proceeded that word were genuinely stupid and missed the comedy mark.

For some unknown reason, he seems to really hate the names Chad and Derek because he shit talks them a lot in his special. Whenever he’s not shit talking all of the Chads and Dereks of the world, he tends to be including sounds and over the top movements that feel like they are meant to fill the space where actually funny jokes should be.

The first story of the special is a good indicator of what the rest of the stand up contains. It involves the unparalleled excitement that kids have and how the term “midair” seems to be limited to a child’s vocabulary. At best this is a partially humorous thought that is squeezed try in an attempt to try and get 3 or 4 mediocre jokes out of it.

Luckily, if you are able to make it through that ridiculous opening bit, it does get better (for a couple of minutes anyways). The transition into the puberty bit and the talks about being wind-sexual are actually pretty funny. I feel like his father is a bit of a piece of work, but who among us doesn’t have a fucked up father?

Most of the comedy show is a bit of a roller coaster where we have to suffer through a horribly unfunny part (like the bar fight stories) but then get rewarded with an actually humorous set anecdote (like the meeting celebrities stories). So if you are willing to sit through 8-10 minutes of shitty jokes in order to experience 3 or 4 minutes of laughter, then this might be the comedy special for you.

Of course, we couldn’t get through an entire comedy special witthout Adam bringing up some of his past major roles. His parts in Workaholics, Pitch Perfect, and Modern Family all get brought up at some point during this special.

The good news is that once you get about 2/3 of the way through the special, the ratio of good jokes to bad jokes seems to switch. So instead of cringing or shaking your head twice as much as you’re laughing, you now get to actually enjoy yourself for the most part. Some of the comedy gems that you can expect in the last 20 minutes of his special include stories about his current girlfriend Chloe Bridges as well as his ex, STDs, drunk friends at a party, and a confrontation with an amputee.

At the very end of the special he does bring out a prop which harkens back to one of his earlier (and least funny) bits. But it was still a pretty strong ending for a very mediocre special.

Overall, I give this comedy special 2 out of 5 genuine laughs.

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