Press Play On Whitney Cummings’ “Can I Touch It?”

I will be the first to say that after the last few specials and rightly cancelled tv shows (looking at you Undateable), I never thought I’d utter (or type) these words, but I actually enjoyed something Whitney Cummings did. Even while giving a compliment, I’m still an asshole. At this point, it’s pretty much cemented as part of my brand. On a side note, keep reading until the bottom of the article to discover a new segment that I’m including in my reviews.

Whitney’s latest special, Can I Touch It? was just released and is about 50 minutes of her covering a variety of topics, including sexual harassment, feminism, and sex robots. Now let’s dive into my spoiler-free review of Whitney Cummings’ new standup special.

The show is recorded in Washington, D.C., where Whitney begins by saying how happy she is to be recording in her hometown. Having grown up in Georgetown, it is no surprise that she developed such a passion for talking about major societal or political issues, particularly from a feminist point of view. On a side note, I’m thankful that someone with a significant social status finally publicly admitted that some people who identify as a feminist are really just assholes (and not the fun-loving kind like me).

From there she dives headfirst into workplace sexual harassment and I want to thank Whitney for bringing the phrase “bump nipples” into my life because that is an amazing thing to say. From there she also briefly talks about a credit card swiping situation that had me snort-laughing.

Anyone who knows me (all three of them. I have a strict socializing limit) knows that I really love when jokes come full circle. Whitney does that a couple of times in this special, but the best by far is a bit about the vests that service dogs wear.

Now, I wouldn’t be doing my job (or my passion) if I simply let this part go uncriticized. During her section of the difference between men lying and women lying, Whitney brings up the film Catch Me If You Can. She mentions that she loved it (so she does know what a good film/show looks like, just not how to create one) and then brings up the fact that she “did some research on the guy that the film is based on” and declares that he works for the FBI as a forgery consultant. Well I hate to burst your bubble Whitney, but “that guy” is Frank William Abagnale Jr. and it was pretty obvious that he worked for the FBI, considering the fact that was something covered fairly extensively in the movie. So I’m not sure you if you just didn’t bother finishing the movie or maybe watched it drunk and forget about the end, but there was really no research needed for that one.

Whitney’s interaction with the audience in this special is a great addition to the show. She involves a particular male audience member a couple of times in her show, even using the name of his friend, Jeffrey, in several bits throughout the special. A lot of things have been said, and will continue to be said, about Whitney but no one can ever say that she doesn’t know how to work a crowd.

Shortly into the sex robot portion of the jokes (which covers the entire second half of the special), Whitney starts talking about the establishment of a sex doll committee that teaches teenage boys how to responsibly have sex with real females. Let me just say that this bit was:

1) Hilarious

2) A really good idea

3) A horrifying idea when I think back on my sex skills as a teenage boy (up until age 6 months ago)

The last few minutes of the special involve Whitney bringing out her very own Robot Whitney. This horrifying realistic robot gets involved in a couple of jokes (resembling a quality of Whitney jokes from previous years) and plenty of anecdotes.

Anyone who kept an eye on the progress bar when she initially said goodnight to the crowd might have been a bit confused. This is because the special seems to end while there is still seven minutes left of the show. The reason for this is a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Robot Whitney, which is simply an awesome thing to see. It also includes an after credits scene (much like these 15 other movies do #shamelessplug) that involves Robot Whitney reading out some of the credits before switching to a one-sided conversation and critiquing of the audience member. Even though I did not expect to be attacked like that while sitting on my own couch, I have to say that it was pretty funny.

Overall, the special was more funny than not (which is high praise for a Whitney Cummings standup special). I give this comedy special 4 out of 5 nipple bumps.

Behind The Jokes

– Whitney grew up in Georgetown, Washington, D.C. as the youngest member of a broken home

– When just starting out her career, Whitney worked as a multimedia journalist for the Washington, D.C. new station WRC-TV

– She moved to Los Angeles shortly after graduating magna cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania and got one of her first television roles ever as a field agent for the show Punk’d

– Whitney became engaged to Miles Skinner (Executive Creative Director of Special Projects at VICE Media) on September 4, 2018 at a private horse ranch

– Robot Whitney (aka Bear Claw) has her own Instagram account

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