They Good: Meet the Team Behind the Epic Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Social Media Campaign

On August 19, 2019, #TheChickening came home to roost when the Popeyes Chicken Twitter account tweeted two simple words in response to Chick-fil-A: “Y’all good?”

Naturally, we all wanted to know the face(s) behind such a tweet. Then, I, along with the rest of Black Twitter, noticed a pic floating around of this year’s Brandweek and spotted a lone black girl in a staff group photo. We all concluded that she had to be the one behind the tweet. That black girl was Angela Brown, Social Strategist at GSD&M, a national ad agency based in Austin Texas.

In real life, though? It was a “team effort,” according to Brown. Speaking of team, Brown was joined by her coworker, Randy Romero, GSD&M Associate Director, Social Media Strategy as we all sat on the phone talking about the agency’s initial digital campaign for the Popeyes chicken sandwich, the conflicting feelings of a black person working for a fried chicken brand, the “decidedly black voice” trend amongst social media accounts of today, whether they prefer the classic or spicy chicken sandwich and more.

Read more at The Root

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