Ryan Reynolds’ Broke the Internet With New Ad Featuring ‘Peloton Wife’

Unofficial marketing guru, Ryan Reynolds is at it again. His partnership with Aviation Gin has fans in a frenzy. The ad features a familiar face — the now-infamous “Peloton Wife (Monica Ruiz)” — to clap-back in the most Deadpool way possible. Here’s what the hype is all about.

Ryan Reynolds knows how to create buzz

Reynolds landed the role of Deadpool for good reason. The actor infuses deadpan humor into nearly every project. One scroll of his Instagram reveals all the ways Reynolds has directly contributed to the rise of a previously unknown actor, Hugh Jackman (sarcasm).

When he’s not acting or doting on wife, Blake Lively, you’ll find Reynolds pouring Aviation Gin onto a turkey and calling it “gravy,” or teasing Marvel’s “Phase 5” conspiracy theories.

Even with his latest project, Free Guy, Reynolds jokingly sells Free Guy merchandise. In all fairness, promotion is part of the acting gig and Reynolds is arguably one of the best.

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