Why ‘Lighter Side of Real Estate’ Is the Best Real Estate Blog Out There

If you Google the phrase “real estate blog”, 1.93 billion results show up. That is a lot of blogs that are covering real estate information. Unfortunately, most of these bloggers are just rehashing the same bland content with titles like “common mistakes made when selling your home” or “what to look for in a realtor”. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with this information, they are all going about it the wrong way.

Well, all except for one.

Lighter Side of Real Estate is a blog that takes real estate topics and flips them (wordplay very much intended). They do this by making humour the focal point of their content, which is what makes them stand out from the very serious and straight-laced tone being used by the other real estate blogs.

While the content still provides very useful and often insightful information, it presents it in a way that will have you chuckling before you even click on the link. Some of the best article headlines that they use include “9 Ways to Make a Real Estate Cry” and “5 Moving Stories That’ll Make You Feel Better About Even Your Worst Move!” This has to be one of the best ways to get people to read blog posts. After all, if those titles don’t peak your curiosity, then nothing will.

I’ll end this article by saying that this isn’t even a sponsored or contributed article. We just genuinely love this blog so much and admire how they’ve been able to use humour to thrive in a typically unfunny industry (even if our admiration is begrudging because they didn’t use our services to do it).

To find out how to attract more customers to your website by using humour like Lighter Side of Real Estate, contact our team of content writing professionals today.

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