9 Examples of Clever Content Marketing

Do you have an upcoming campaign but feel like your ideas are boring and will not result in business growth? This happens to every marketer.

Content marketing is important for attracting and nurturing leads, retaining existing customers and to get repeat purchases. Content Marketing, eventually, helps in lead generation and helps in business growth. If you have tried your hand at content marketing, you know it’s not as easy as it looks; it is seriously challenging work. A survey by Zazzle media revealed that 60% of businesses have difficulty with consistent production of content while 65% say that producing engaging content is difficult.

We get it. Our company has worked with many clients from b2b and b2c circles, all struggling with one aspect or another of content production. That’s why I’m writing this post today, to give you new ideas that you can personalize for your brand and keep things fresh for your consumers. This article is a collection of 9 content marketing ideas that our team agrees are quite cleverly executed and effective. I hope they will be helpful for your next marketing campaign.

Read more at Business 2 Community

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