Four Funny Ad Campaigns From Asia Which May Actually Make You Laugh

It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book. Create a funny ad campaign and get more attention for the product you’re advertising.

While easy to say, making a funny ad is surprisingly difficult to do. Most attempts at comedy in advertising either fail miserably or, at best, elicit a polite smile from viewers.

Still, some brands do break through the ‘humour barrier’, earning widespread attention and respect. For example, a recent Spotify campaign in the UK was shared around the world because of its witty take on how life changes as we age.

It’s rare, though, that campaigns from Asia are noticed for being funny – even though the region’s ads often do use humour to make more of an impression.

So, to give the region’s comedy reputation a boost, below are a few examples of campaigns from Asia which intend to be funny and, who knows, may actually make you laugh.

Read more at Econsultancy

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