What You Need to Know About Taylor Swift’s Folklore

With this recent announcement from Taylor Swift, it seems like surprise albums are beginning to be a trend. And I personally love it! But what is even more surprising is that this new album dubbed Folklore is coming exactly 11 months after her previous album Lover.

I could see pumping out a six to eight-track album in that amount of time. But to have a full 16-song (technically 17 with the bonus song) album written, recorded, and produced in that amount of time? That’s insane! But leave it to the Queen of Pop (Taylor being one of many) to accomplish such a feat.

And on top of that, there’s also a music video being released for her song Cardigan. But with that being said, here is some fun facts that you might not know about Taylor Swift’s latest album.

Track List:
  1. The 1
  2. Cardigan
  3. The Last Great American Dynasty
  4. Exile
  5. My Tears Ricochet
  6. Mirrorball
  7. Seven
  8. August
  9. This Is Me Trying
  10. Illicit Affairs
  11. Invisible String
  12. Mad Woman
  13. Epiphany
  14. Betty
  15. Peace
  16. Hoax
  17. The Lakes [Bonus Track]
3 Best Tracks:
  • Cardigan (Track 2)
  • Exile (Track 4)
  • Betty (Track 14)
3 Worst Tracks:
  • Mirrorball (Track 6)
  • August (Track 8)
  • Epiphany (Track 13)
15 Fun Facts About Folklore
  1. There are 8 different album covers to commemorate the fact that Folklore is Taylor’s 8th album
  2. The “hide-and-seek” cover is inspired by the 2nd track (Cardigan) on the album
  3. The “running like water” cover is also inspired by the 2nd track (Cardigan) on the album
  4. The “stolen lullabies” cover is inspired by the 5th track (My Tears Ricochet) on the album
  5. The “in the trees” cover is inspired by the 7th track (Seven)
  6. The “in the weeds” cover is also inspired by the 7th track (Seven) on the album
  7. The “meet me behind the mall” cover is inspired by the 8th track (August) on the album
  8. The “clandestine meetings” cover is inspired by the 10th track (Illicit Affairs) on the album
  9. The “betty’s garden” cover is inspired by the 14th track (Betty) on the album
  1. This is the shortest turnaround time between albums for Taylor at only 11 months since Lover. Her previous record was 21 months between Reputation (2017) and Lover (2019)
  2. This is only the second time that Taylor has released an album in any month other than October or November (with Lover being the first)
  3. Taylor wrote and directed the music video for Cardigan. She also handled her own hair, makeup, and styling
  4. The album was completely written and recorded during isolation
  5. Bon Iver, who are the featured artist on the fourth track (Exile) are no strangers to recording music in isolation. They recorded their debut album For Emma, Forever Ago while staying in complete isolation in a Wisconsin cabin for 3 months
  6. This is the first Taylor Swift album to feature explicit songs (it actually has 5 in total)
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