Creating Media For The Media Challenged

That sounds great and all, but what does it actually mean? I’m so glad you asked (and by you, I mean me). Allow me to explain.

There are countless entertainment sites out there writing about tv, movies, music, and video games. In fact, I just did a Google search for “entertainment website” and it came back with almost 4.5 billion results. Holy shit that’s a lot!

But after a decade of scouring the internet for the sites that didn’t make me want to claw out my own eyes after a few seconds of trying to read their half-ass content, I finally gave up.

That’s where I come in.

What’s that saying? “If you want something done right, you need to hire a personal assistant to do it.” Something like that. But since I can’t afford a personal assistant (or a pair of pants that doesn’t unzip into shorts) I’ve decided to handle it myself.

That’s right, I’m a real man’s man, taking matters into my own hands. I’m sure my veteran great grandfather would be proud to see my courage as I sit here behind a monitor typing my (often angry) thoughts for strangers to read.

With almost a decade of experience as a journalist, it’s fair to say that I know the business of writing, well, like nobody’s business. And anyone who questions my affinity for pop culture would feel quite silly after seeing my very respectable collection of movie collectables and stack of Archie comics.

So what makes Media For The Media Challenged so special? Another great question! You’re just full of those aren’t you?

What Makes Media For The Media Challenged Different?

First of all, like Rambo, I answer to no one. As a one guy team working from wherever me and my laptop are, I have the freedom to write what I want, not want sponsors want, which is pretty easy when you don’t have sponsors. So when I say I like something, you know I mean it.

My independence means that I’m able to take whatever topic I want and find a way to create content surrounding it that is a fierce combination of informative, authoritative, and humorous.

What You Can Expect From Media For The Media Challenged

At Media For The Media Challenged, I’m no one trick pony. I’m an award-winning stallion! So when you decide to visit me set, here’s a bit of what you can expect:

  • Easter Egg Articles
  • TV Show Reviews
  • Movie Reviews
  • Music Reviews
  • Entertainment News
  • And Much More!

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