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You Need Ellen DeGeneres’ Relatable In Your Life

Guess who’s back? Back again? No it’s not Slim Shady, but I’m convinced they go to the same hairstylist. It’s the white lesbian Oprah! Or as literally everyone else in the world knows her as, Ellen DeGeneres. Whether you know her from her immensely popular talk show, her Game of Games show, her stand up,

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An Analysis of Ryan Reynolds’ “TPTNDMOOM”

The Patient That Nearly Drove Me Out Of Medicine

So as many of you have probably already heard Ryan Reynolds has announced that he has started working on a movie adaptation of a horror novella that was published on Reddit a couple years ago. As someone who is a massive fan of Ryan Reynolds (how could you not be after Deadpool?) I am extremely

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You Couldn’t Pay Me To Rewatch Re:Birth

Russell Brand

It’s been a while, but Russell Brand is back at it! The British comedian/actor/singer/eccentric recently released his new Netflix stand-up special called Re:Birth.  The entire hour is spent with him in typical Russell fashion, bouncing off the walls and sounding like he’s constantly reciting Eminem’s Rap God. As someone who isn’t generally a fan of

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The Kominsky Method Is My Method Of Choice

A comedy series starring two elderly men going through the trials and tribulations of aging. Sounds like fun right? Well surprisingly it is! The Kominsky Method is the newest creation from Chuck Lorre, but don’t let that scare you off. It’s like the first half of Two and a Half Men as opposed to the

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The Ballad of Buster Scruggs Falls Flat

Before I get into the analysis and breakdown of this show, can we all take a second to appreciate the creative ingenuity that went into creating that title? I mean, come on it’s pretty impressive! Now that you’ve taken the time to bask in the genius that is my writing, we can get on with

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Don’t Be A Moron, Watch John Leguizamo’s LHFM

Is it a play? Is it stand-up? Does it really matter? Either way John Leguizamo’s most recent Netflix venture is here to teach you a thing or two. Throughout the hour and a half long special entitled Latin History For Morons, John goes through the suppressed history of Latin culture and history. If you’re one

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This Terminal Is Out Of Order

This week’s round of endlessly scrolling through Netflix looking for something decent that I haven’t seen yet has brought quite an unusual film to the foreground. It’s a 2018 mystery-thriller titled Terminal, and I was quite surprised to find that I had never heard of it. Not only is it from this year, but it’s

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Adam Sandler: A Fallen King Of Comedy

Adam Sandler’s new Netflix special 100% Fresh is available now and honestly it’s exactly as good (or I guess “as bad” would be more accurate) as you’d expect. With the extremely poor performance of his last few Netflix movies, it had many people questioning whether this comedic legend, who once made us laugh until we couldn’t

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Scared Shitless: The Complete Guide To Horror Franchises

Welcome one and all to the best, funniest, most encompassing, and most professional guide to all the major horror movie franchises.