Imagine you’re wandering through the treacherous woods of 12th century England, when all of a sudden you hear a growl coming from nearby. You stand still and listen to try and determine the location of this threatening sound. It seems to be from the right… no wait… the left. Then you realize… it’s all around you.

Next the yellow eyes appear from behind the trees. You rest your hand against your rusted bronze dagger as you prepare to fight for your life. Just as you’re about to step forward you feel a rush of air on the side of your face as an arrow soars past your ear.

It strikes one of the fierce beasts as you hear a sharp whine of pain, and immediately three more arrows follow it, which all hit their targets. Baffled by the events that have just transpired, you turn around and wait for the arrowed culprit to step forward.

A tall man in a worn leather vest and dusty black boots stands before you holding his wooden bow by his side. The confidence in his pose mesmerizes you as he introduces himself and offers to guide you through the woods as to ensure your safety.

In 12th century England that man would be me. However since we don’t live in that time period, I’m the modern day equivalent… a copywriter who sits at a computer for 10 hours a day communicating with the outside world through emails and text messages.

Tried to find a picture without my girlfriend, but it turns out she’s almost always within arm’s reach of me
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