Scared Shitless: The Complete Guide To Horror Franchises

Welcome one and all to the best, funniest, most encompassing, and most professional guide to all the major horror movie franchises.


There’s Nothing Bad About These Consequences

Well, you guys spoke up (I don’t know what about since I don’t actually listen to you guys, but I’ll assume it was that you liked my review of the Bubblegum And Cigarettes song and video) so here’s another taste of the same thing. This time I’m stepping back from the lighthearted and upbeat pop

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Bubblegum And Cigarettes Sounds As Bad As It’d Taste

I’m going to do something that I’ve never done before, review a single song and its corresponding music video. Youtube singing (and cleavage model) sensation Andie Case just released her new single Bubblegum And Cigarettes, and the result in just amazing. Sorry I meant appalling. But rather than just give you a blanket statement and

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I Wish I Had Past Lives In A Past Life

Welcome back! Well, I guess you guys never really went away, but I certainly did. Where did I go you might ask (assuming you aren’t a narcissistic prick, although as I type this I realize that’s probably half my demographic). Well, the truth is I really didn’t go anywhere. I became immersed in other projects,

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There’s Nothing Savage About The Sound of Savages

Hello and welcome to the latest review in my ongoing album review segment. You have chosen to read this article because you are interested to see exactly what I think of the new Breathe Carolina album. However, if this is not the case and you have somehow come across this page by mistake, then I

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Going To Hell Never Felt So Right

Well, here we go again… time for another fantastic album review! However, unlike my first two reviews, this album is from the fiery depths of Rock n Roll. The Pretty Reckless is a band that I have always been fond of, and now that their new album is finally out it’s time to see if

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Has Disco Fever Returned?

Many of you may be too young to remember the 70’s, so I’ll do a quick recap for you. As far as the majority of the world is concerned, the only things that existed during that entire decade were glitter pants, disco balls, and enough drugs to sedate Keith Richards for an entire week. However,

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Who Needs Girls When You Have G I R L?

Welcome to the second instalment of my award-winning music review segment, where I spend hours balancing formulas and mixing chemicals to find out exactly how much of an album is absolute shit. Then I attempt to scrape together the few remains and let you know what parts you might actually like. But before you rush

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