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Listening To TRAUMA Is A Very Traumatic Experience

I will fully admit before we get into this review that I am completely biased towards I Prevail as I have seen them twice in concert and even interviewed Lee and Steve a few years ago. However, just because I like someone, that doesn’t mean that I can’t tear them a new asshole when needed.

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This Won’t Be The Last Time I Listen To Our Last Night

Let’s go back to the YouTube well once again. But this time it isn’t Andie Case that we’re examining, it’s the rock group called Our Last Night. Although Our Last Night and Andie Case actually have done a song together, their sounds couldn’t be any further apart (think I Prevail compared to Katy Perry). This

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Bring Me The Horizon Brings Gold With Amo

It’s been a while since I’ve done a review of something music-related, but honestly that’s because nothing that interesting has come out in the last month and a half (all of December is basically a throwaway month for music because it’s all Christmas music bullshit). However, now I finally have something I care about that

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