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Well, it’s the month of love… and black history. So I guess you should go out and love your black friends? Anyways, we’re getting a bit off track now. The reason for this article is because Meghan Trainor has just released your new EP titled THE LOVE TRAIN (I’m seriously getting annoyed with all of

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TUCKER TALKS: Mysterious Edition

Andie Case and her girlfriend

Well here we are yet again with another Andie Case song. But good news, this time it’s not a completely awful song! Is it destined for a Billboard Hot 100 slot? Fuck no. But I actually found myself singing along to the chorus by the end of the track, which is about as much praise

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TUCKER TALKS: Consequences Edition

Well you guys spoke up (I don’t know what about since I don’t actually listen to you guys, but I’ll assume it was that you liked my review of the Bubblegum And Cigarettes song and video) so here’s another taste of the same thing. This time I’m stepping back from the lighthearted and upbeat pop

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TUCKER TALKS: Bubblegum And Cigarettes Edition

I’m going to do something that I’ve never done before, review a single song and its corresponding music video. Youtube singing (and cleavage model) sensation Andie Case just released her new single Bubblegum And Cigarettes, and the result in just amazing. Sorry I meant appalling. But rather than just give you a blanket statement and

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TUCKER TALKS: Past Lives Edition

Welcome back! Well I guess you guys never really went away, but I certainly did. Where did I go you might ask (assuming you aren’t a narcissistic prick, although as I type this I realize that’s probably half my demographic). Well the truth is I really didn’t go anywhere. I became immersed in other projects,

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