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Bring Me The Horizon Brings Gold With Amo

It’s been a while since I’ve done a review of something music-related, but honestly that’s because nothing that interesting has come out in the last month and a half (all of December is basically a throwaway month for music because it’s all Christmas music bullshit). However, now I finally have something I care about that

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TUCKER TALKS: Psalms Edition

Well Hollywood Undead has once again risen from their graves, after taking only a short break since their last studio album Five which was released just over a year ago. This time they’re out for blood, with their new EP titledĀ Psalms. Despite the name, this new music is anything but holy, which shouldn’t be surprising

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TUCKER TALKS: Past Lives Edition

Welcome back! Well I guess you guys never really went away, but I certainly did. Where did I go you might ask (assuming you aren’t a narcissistic prick, although as I type this I realize that’s probably half my demographic). Well the truth is I really didn’t go anywhere. I became immersed in other projects,

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