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Press Play On Whitney Cummings’ “Can I Touch It?”

I will be the first to say that after the last few specials and rightly cancelled tv shows (looking at you Undateable), I never thought I’d utter (or type) these words, but I actually enjoyed something Whitney Cummings did. Even while giving a compliment, I’m still an asshole. At this point, it’s pretty much cemented

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Adam DeVine’s “Best Time of Our Lives” Is One of the Worst Times of My Life

I feel like you either love him or hate him, but regardless of how you feel about him, Adam DeVine is once again gracing your Netflix screen. Only this time, it’s not in one of his many hilarious movies or tv roles. Instead, he has decided to embark on a full stand up special entitled

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Amy Schumer’s Growing Is Not Growing On Me

It’s everyone’s favourite comedian to hate and this time she’s pregnant! Amy Schumer’s new comedy special has recently dropped on Netflix and is entitled Growing (a not at all subtle reference to her pregnancy). It’s basically everything that you expect to receive from an Amy Schumer special. But regardless, let’s go ahead and break it

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Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias Truly Is The King Of Mexicans

Another Netflix comedy original special has graced our presence and this time it comes to us from someone who hasn’t been on a standup special in 6 years now. Our favourite fat (my apologies, I mean fluffy) comedian, Gabriel Iglesias comes on stage to tell a new round of jokes (and some old ones, but

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You Need Ellen DeGeneres’ Relatable In Your Life

Guess who’s back? Back again? No it’s not Slim Shady, but I’m convinced they go to the same hairstylist. It’s the white lesbian Oprah! Or as literally everyone else in the world knows her as, Ellen DeGeneres. Whether you know her from her immensely popular talk show, her Game of Games show, her stand up,

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You Couldn’t Pay Me To Rewatch Re:Birth

Russell Brand

It’s been a while, but Russell Brand is back at it! The British comedian/actor/singer/eccentric recently released his new Netflix stand-up special called Re:Birth.  The entire hour is spent with him in typical Russell fashion, bouncing off the walls and sounding like he’s constantly reciting Eminem’s Rap God. As someone who isn’t generally a fan of

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